Welcome to Grey Nomad Wine

Grey Nomad Wine provides value for money without compromising on quality.  It is a fun brand that reflects the lifestyle of  Grey Nomads Australia wide, so discover your favourite part of this great country and enjoy!

So, have some fun with this! (our back label)

The “Land Down Under” has provided the ideal habitat for the recently discovered species of Homo Sapien, the Grey Nomad.  First emerging in the sixties around beach areas, travelling and residing in strange-shaped boxes on wheels, they have since evolved to favour much larger and luxurious contraptions.  Rarely sighted in cities, the Grey Nomad migrates north during the winter, where they frequent isolated coastal regions, the Top End and are spotted in the Red Centre.  Not all with grey fur, known to be very friendly, tranquil and inquisitive, they are extremely approachable if offered wine.  Their offspring are often heard to utter “have you seen our parents” and “don’t spend our inheritance.”  This sociable mammal likes to congregate around waterholes to interact with other Grey Nomads from different habitats.